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Tone King Falcon 01x12 Combo in Black and Cream
Tone King Falcon 01x12 Combo in Black and Cream

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From Tone King:

Tone King's all new 12W, 1x10 Falcon channels the simplicity and grease fired glory of pure old-school guitar tone.

Inspired by the rounded, burnished tones, syrupy overdrive, and chunky grit of vintage tweed and pre-tweed era amps, the Falcon is a whole new type of Tone King amp.

A stripped-down single channel preamp means that more pure tone makes its way from your guitar through to the speaker. This new preamp is built around a raw, tweed-meets-supro tone with beefy mids and a sweetly burnished top end. A 3-position voicing switch allows you to tailor this basic voicing to be a bit cleaner and brighter (rhythm) or a bit tighter and gainier (lead).

The all-new 2x6V6 output stage is where the real magic happens. Using a unique ultralinear configuration, cathode biasing, and zero negative feedback, this totally old-school output stage gives you a feel and response that can’t be had from more conventional designs. Single notes swell with weight and authority. Overdrive comes on gradually, with a huge range of tonal variation between clean and overdriven. You can actually hear the tone evolve from soft and warm to angry and aggressive as you hit the strings harder, all before any grit even starts happening. When the 6V6s do start to growl, they break up with a consonant set of even ordered harmonics. This means that, instead of buzzy or hashy grit, you get chunky, syrupy, candy-coated overdriven tones.

Authentic old-school tone requires a special kind of speaker cabinet, and the Falcon’s speaker cabinet is something truly unique. More than just a simple resonant box, the Falcon’s cabinet is tuned for a voice that recreates the vibe and mojo of a genuine vintage cabinet that’s aged for 50 or 60 years.

The Falcon includes an Ironman precision power attenuator, complete with a tuned reactive load and 100% transformer load matching. The ultimate in attenuation technology, the Ironman ensures that you get the same tone and feel from full power down to bedroom levels (-36db max attenuation).
Preamp: Single Channel (Vol, Tone, 3-Position Voicing Control) Power Amp: Push-pull, Cathode Biased, Ultralinear, No Feedback Tubes: 2x6V6GT, 3x12AX7 Output Power: 12W RMS Speaker: 10" Eminence Ragin Cajun Attenuator: Ironman Attenuator Built In; Precision Reactive Load; 100%. Pure Transformer Load Matching; 6 Levels of Attenuation Configuration: 1x10 Combo Colors: Black/Cream Weight: 30lbs Size 19" x 16" x 10"