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PaulCAudio Timmy Overdrive Pedal
PaulCAudio Timmy Overdrive Pedal

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The Timmy is a clean booster to mild crunchy overdrive effect. It's not a high gain compressed type of lead pedal. This is more about adding boost and distortion while keeping the punch and dynamics of the amp. It has a main mode of operation, and a boost mode that's meant to kick things up a bit. Also included is a post effect series FX loop. The Timmy does not have the boost section or the FX loop. The main mode has gain/bass/treble/volume controls. The bass and treble controls are "cut" style controls. That means that as you turn them clockwise they will roll off the bass and treble frequencies. Zero (7 o'clock) is flat - no cutting of the frequencies. It seems backwards, and it is! The Timmy pedal is very similar to the Tim pedal, but without the send and return jacks as well as the boost channel and boost controls. A pedal of near mythic proportions, the Timmy pedal works in conjunction with your amplifier's natural tone to add anything from a mild boost to a strong overdrive without changing the overall character or architecture of your favorite amp's inherent tone. A wonderful, natural enhancement to your tone that is extremely organic. At low settings you will be able to effortlessly achieve a sound that is simply "more" of what your amp already offers. As the gain is turned up, and the pedal's EQ adjusted accordingly, smooth, singing, round and reedy tones are at your fingertips. The Timmy pedal's responsiveness is exactly like that of a great, tube amplifier in that it responds immediately to your right hand's attack.
Controls: Gain, Bass, Treble, Volume Amazing tone and touch sensitivity Internal dip switches mirror the push/pull pot on the rear of the Tim pedal for selectable modes of more gain or asymmetrical clipping 9VDC battery or a standard center pin negative 9VDC power supply