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Greer Amps Lamplighter Optical Compressor Pedal
Greer Amps Lamplighter Optical Compressor Pedal

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From Greer Amps:

The very idea for the Lamplighter Optical Compressor is rooted in legendary tone and studio lore. The Lamplighter is the result of countless hours of tweaking, listening, and tweaking again. The idea is pretty simple—provide compression that doesn’t “step” on your tone like other compressors do, make it as transparent as possible, with a low noise floor, while allowing the effect to be present, and provide options that musicians the world over have asked for. This is Greer Amps’ answer to the question of wide-ranging, useable compression for all musicians. After listening to studio compressors for years, we’ve often wondered why we couldn’t find something to get the smooth and subtle compression that we hear in the studio, on a pedal board. Now we know that it can be done. Your new favorite compressor is here, and you’re going to love it.
The controls on the Lamplighter provide the user the ability to have subtle or intense compression. The use of both the Compression and Comp Mix controls allow for a multitude of “sweet spots” with different settings. Add the release toggle into the mix, and you suddenly have a compressor with the flexibility of a contortionist. The Treble control can push the tonal range into shimmery, squashed out heaven. Overall, this compressor is hard to beat, and you will not want to turn it off.
Compress—Controls the amount of compression gain.
Comp Mix—At the lowest setting, this allows the signal to bypass the compression circuit, and simply be used as a boost, with very very subtle amounts of compression added in. At the highest setting, this is a full mix of the compression circuit. Think of this control as a reverse “clean blend” control.
Treble—This control is a universal control, that effects the tonal range of the pedal, no matter the Compress and Comp Mix settings. When set higher, it can get a bit gnarly, and sharp sounding—it’s a lot of fun!
Volume—Simply put, it controls the output volume
Release toggle—This toggle has 3 positions.

M-This setting is for a medium release setting.
F-This setting is a fast release setting, and is great for super subtle compression.
S-This setting is a slow release setting, great for slide guitar, or long sustaining chords, it provides a “bloom” of beautiful sustain that is unparalleled.

The Lamplighter features top jacks, runs off of 9 volts only (do NOT try to run this pedal off of higher voltages than 9 volts).

Studio grade optical compression
True Bypass
Uses 9-Volt standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply.
Built with top quality components
Lifetime Warranty to the original owner!