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Free The Tone HB-2 Heat Blaster Distortion Pedal
Free The Tone HB-2 Heat Blaster Distortion Pedal

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From Free The Tone:

The FREE THE TONE HB-2 HEAT BLASTER features a modern distortion sound. With the HI CUT and LOW CUT switches, you can create variations in sound.
The HI CUT switch cuts the presence range to create a mellow sound that can still cut through. By turning the TONE knob clockwise with the HI CUT switch activated, a mellow sound that remains clear can be obtained. This is especially suitable for guitar solos.
The LOW CUT switch cuts low frequencies. A combination of the bass and drums in the low frequency range is important for a band sound. The LOW CUT switch allows you to trim the low end that cannot be adjusted by an amplifier’s tone circuit. Effect on/off switching uses a special true-bypass method in which the signal goes through only one line in the switch in Bypass mode.

One morning I awoke with a great distortion sound in my mind. The sound was surprisingly distinct and clear, and similar to that of a modern high-gain tube amp. The HEAT BLASTER was born from the sonic image I awoke with that morning. But I had to get to work immediately in order to turn the mental image into actual sound before it changed or faded away. It was a race against time. I began mentally designing the circuitry on my way to the lab, and was ready to start building by the time I got there. All previous plans and appointments for that day were postponed while I set to work, and after about 6 hours of non-stop prototyping and testing I had a sample that delivered the required sound (definitely a speed record). The sound was almost exactly as I had imagined it. But that was all I could do in one day. I was exhausted. But I had my circuit, even though at that point it was nothing more than a bunch of parts directly soldered together… looking more like a jungle gym than a guitar effect. The following day the circuit was carefully installed in an enclosure so as not to alter the sound, and with a few more tweaks became the template for the HEAT BLASTER.
My imagined sound was sort of “orange,” so the HEAT BLASTER enclosure is orange as well.
High-gain distortion just like that created by a modern tube amplifier.
The HI CUT and LOW CUT switches are implemented to enable many variations in sound.
Special true-bypass method in which the signal goes through only one line when the switch is in Bypass mode.
Exceptional sound stability by using long-life high reliability components

Input impedance: 330kΩ
Output load impedance: min. 10kΩ
Controls: DRIVE, TONE, LEVEL, Hi Cut switch, Low Cut switch
Terminals: 2× 1/4" phone jacks (for input and output), 1× DC9V input jack (for AC adapter)
Power supply: 9-volt battery (PP3/006P), AC adapter
Current consumption: approx. 7 mA
Dimensions: 100W × 123D × 52H mm (incl. protuberances such as footswitches, jacks, etc.)
Weight: approx. 330 g (excl. battery)
Accessories: warranty card, manual, battery (PP3/006P), 4× rubber feet