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Klon KTR Overdrive Pedal
Klon KTR Overdrive Pedal

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Bill Finnegan's Klon KTR Overdrive.

Update - 2/09/16: Klon-KTR are back in stock. We have lots of units on hand and orders have been shipped normally.

Update - 3/18/15: The last Klon-KTR pedals were sold today. However, we spoke to Bill Finnegan two days ago and we will be getting more supply in 3-4 weeks. If you'd like to reserve one, just place an order and you will be on the list to have one shipped as soon as it arrives.

Update - 2/05/15: We just received more Klon-KTR's and have quite few units on hand. Orders are shipping at the same day or following morning.

Update - 1/27/15: We have stock in transit with FedEx, arriving at the store on 1/30/2015. All pre-orders on our list will be shipped within 48h of product arrival.

We still have some stock unspoken for. If you'd like to buy one, just go ahead and place an order, choosing whatever method of payment would work for you. Once the inventory excess gets sold out, Stock Status on this page will change from "In-Stock" to "Out-of-Stock".

The instructions below are related to pre-orders only. Again, "Out of stock" will be your indication the upcoming stock has been taken. If you'd like to be on the next list, please follow the instructions below:


We have shipped hundreds of Klon KTR's out of multiple production batches. We've bee accepting pre-orders for the next production run but please note Bill Finnegan has not confirmed when a new batch will be available. Bill has been getting back to normal production slowly and according to his production capacity and once we have news about when more products will be available, we will update this page. So, an email asking us about ETD will not be needed. It could take months as we've seen in the past. Please be aware of it.

If you'd like to be included on the next waiting list and pay MAP price $ 269.00 as oppose to eBay prices, we recommend you to get on our list by placing an order and selecting Credit Card as a method of payment. When an order is being placed, a credit card authorization takes place. That means funds are authorized but they are NOT taken from your account. Capturing funds is a manual process all online stores do by the time goods are being shipped.

However, we want you to be sure we will NOT capture the funds in advance as we can't guarantee how many units we will be receiving. Please note credit card authorizations expire in 30 days. Your order will continue being valid in our system, keeping you on the list. Once production arrives, most likely the credit card authorization will be expired by then. In order to avoid extra work, we will send you a payment request by PayPal. That will be the confirmation you made to the list and have secured an unit until we hear back from you, or not.

Please DO NOT use PayPal when pre-ordering the Klon-KTR as we will not be holding customers funds until we know we are going to receive supply. This will cause us extra work for both of us because we will be refunding each transaction. The instructions above are the correct way of placing a pre-order and getting on the waiting list.

Once the order is placed, an order confirmation and ID# will be sent to your email address right away. Please keep it for your records.

Klon KTR with Single Coils
Klon KTR with Humbuckers
Klon KTR, Centaur Gold and Centaur Silver Comparison Demo w/ Bill Finnegan
Klon KTR Prototype & Development board w/Bill Finnegan
Controls: Gain, Treble, and Output Clean-boost mode: With the Gain control at its minimum setting, the unit is in clean-boost mode. Slide switch: The output of the unit's predecessor, The Centaur Professional Overdrive, was buffered, an effective solution to the problem of signal degradation due to cable capacitance. This unit, informally named the KTR, allows the user - via the switch to choose between buffered output or so-called true-bypass output; the former almost always yields a signal with more presence than the latter.